Artists. Social Impact. Live Music.


Our mission:

1. To propel artists, nonprofits, brands, and companies through socially innovative and mission-driven experiences and partnerships

2. Connect and genuinely support artists and nonprofits, bringing their communities together through their shared stories and love for music and arts.

3. Produce premium live music experiences that showcase the best emerging artists and creates a resonating and inspiring environment for our attendees.

4. Build a socially responsible for-profit for-good business that applies social impact strategies across every aspect of its business.

A word from our founder, Benjamin Simons:

“Artists have always been the voices of change. This is true now more than ever in the “influencer” era we are currently living in.

At Ninety3, we want to show brands, corporations, and the entire music & entertainment industry that if you highlight the causes and social impact missions that drive the artists of tomorrow, then not only will you be creating an inspiring experience, but we can utilize this multi-billion dollar industry to bring real impact and changes to the areas in the world that most need it.

In my opinion, the future of change looks like this: passionate and mission-driven artists propelling our society forward and for-profit, for-good companies propelling our economy forward.

Let’s save the world and have fun doing it.

-Benjamin Simons

IG: @Bennessy_

PS: Whether we’re best friends, new acquaintances, or even if we have never met in real life… I want you to know you matter to me. You matter to the world. Im here for you if you need someone to learn on, or if you just need someone to sit with you in the darkness. Here’s my personal phone #: 714-397-7103.

If the darkness is getting to be too much, then please call this #, they can help you: 1-800-273-8255”