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IMPACT ARTISTS ft. Flavia & Earth Arrow


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IMPACT ARTISTS will be a reoccuring showcase that will highlight up and coming artists that purposefully use their platform and music for social change and activism. At Ninety3, we believe that these artists will not only be the next big stars but also lead the way for change. The show will open up with a short panel featuring both of the artists and then an intimate music performance .

A portion of this shows proceeds will go towards the Center for Cultural Innovation - Its mission is to promote knowledge sharing, networking, and financial independence for individuals in the arts by providing business training, grants, and incubating innovative projects that create new program knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field, and conditions that contribute to realizing financial self determination.

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Doors: 9PM

Show Starts: 9:30PM

Artists: Flavia & Earth Arrow

**Drinks will be available for purchase at the Mayfair Hotel**

Our event is being hosted at The Mayfair Hotel:

The Mayfair is where adventurous spirits come to have spirited adventures – a haven that attracts and creates culture. From artists and musicians to writers and performers, the crowd is always an eclectic mix of tastemakers and life tasters. An authentic and electric vibe sparks creativity, ignites passions, and blurs the lines between art and experience.

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