Artists. Social Impact. Live Music.

Welcome to Ninety3Impact

PLay with a purpose.

We believe in creating experiences that seamlessly intertwine entertainment with social impact, charitable giving, and activism so that you can make a difference in the world without ever having to think about it.

At our shows, we highlight the stories and social impact missions driving the artists of tomorrow. When you come to a Ninety3 event, you are not only supporting the artists, but also the people and causes they represent.

For brands, companies, and individuals looking to reach new heights in advancing their purpose, we can help you get there.


Our Services

The future of live events is purposeful and mission-driven. As a brand, company, or even as an individual, you can’t abstain from taking a stand anymore. Let us help you find your voice, give you realistic social impact strategies, and connect you to the artists and nonprofits that are also having the same conversation.


Our Events

Each event we produce is purposeful and powerful. There’s a story. There’s a reason why all of the artists are performing together. There’s an initiative tied to the event so that your attendance will make a real impact in someone’s life. Party with a purpose.


Our Mission

We’re aiming to change the world one show at a time. Our goal is to permanently intertwine our entertainment with social good. Every day, we strive to further our support of artists that use their music and influence for the betterment of social impact missions and causes. Each Ninety3 showcase is centered around a particular cause, story, or group of people, and figuring out how we can use entertainment to bring more awareness and support to these areas.